For Valentine’s Day in 2023 we bring you our Massage and Spa Package that is most popular with the couples which is a combination of the a la cart items on our menu. The idea is to combine a massage with various spa treatments to create a wonderful romantic and amazing package for this Febuary 14th, 2023. The package we chose has historic sucess as there have been various couples who opt for this service for their anniversary. When the couples finish their service, they are always “in love” with how it makes them feel and for this reason we are confident you and your partner will enjoy the special Valentine’s day package detailed below.

The Valentine’s Day Promotional Package is four services bundled together in one spa visit which includes: Massage, Hot Stones Therapy, Exfoliation, and Sauna.

Relaxing , Swedish Or Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutos |$40 USD per Person

Full Body Exfoliation
25 minutes | $15USD per person

Hot Stones Spa Therapy
25 minutes | $15usd per person

Sauna Sesion and Shower
30 minutes | $35usd for couple

Valentine’s Day Promotion includes Massage, Exfoliation, Hot Stone Massage, and Sauna / Shower.

If limited on time or money, you can receive the service without the sauna and still have a very enjoyable Valentine’s day celebration. If you decide not to include the Sauna, you can choose either the Masaje Milagroso Spa in Playas de Tijuana Spa or Zona Rio | Aviacion. If you do opt- in for the Sauna you will need to reserve at Masaje Milagroso spa in Zona Rio / Aviación, Tijuana.

Total Time and Price of the Valentine’s Day Spa Package at Masaje Milagroso:

  • If you decide to inlcude the Sauna the length of the service is 2 hours and 20 minutes and $175 USD for 2 people.
  • If you decide to skip the Sauna in the package the duration of the service is 1 houor and 50 muntes and $140USD for 2 people.

Other Details about Masaje Milagroso’s Valentines Day Spa Treatment for Couples

  • Hectic schedules can interfere with celebrations so for that reason and to lower stress levels, this package is available on Valentine’s day 2023 but any other day you want to receive a massage with your significant other. On Valentines Day the additional item will be some warm tea and romantic decorations but any other day the core couple’s massage and spa treatments are always. Also, Valentine’s day can be busy so many might choose to skip the crowds and celebrate on the weekend or the day before or after and we completely understand and we are ready for you!
  • All our services are provided in private rooms and none of ours pa facilities are shared; however, we encourage couples to receive the service in the same room as their is plenty of space.
  • If you are planning to come on actual Valentine’s Day, please reserve in advance to ensure you can get the promotion at the time you desire.
  • If your not able to celebrate with your significant other this year, we have other options that might work well for you. We have physical and digital giftcards that take less then 2 minutes to purchase and we can send it directy to you or your partner. You can pay via online at our store or even our phone representative can make arrangement for payment using various electronic methods. Call Now

Celebrate and impress your date for the Romantic Celebration of Valentine’s Day 2023 at Masaje Milagroso Spa.

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