Masaje Milagroso Spa in Tijuana’s list of activities for a balanced lifestyle this October and November 2023.

Autumn 2023 is here and with that we get mixed feelings as the seasons change. To make a positive impact on your life and be the best version of you, we know it’s best to strive for a well-balanced lifestyle. We all hear and know the benefits obtained from a balanced diet, balanced emotional reaction, and balanced work-life. Balance can enhance your quality of life by giving context to positive and negative feelings. The Autumn 2023 Activity list was created with balance in mind. We try to capture the seasonal activities that are not always available for us to enjoy. Also, activities that help us achieve balance by diverisying our normal daily routine.

This Fall 2023, Break the Habit, and Try a New Seasonal Activity in Tijuana!


Perhaps it’s working or watching TV or a list of many other common habitual activites.  The point is to change up the routine and capture the months that present us opportunity to try something new. If you accept the challenge, you will see improvements in different aspects of life as you obtain more balance. For those that are indoors often, get outdoors! If you’re working too much, take a break and do something different. Are you a lone ranger? Well, try to invite someone with you this time! If you typically sleep off your muscle discomfort, go get a massage! Yes, we do have  massage on our list!! How could we not? Massages are not only physically comforting, but they can also help acheive that lifestyle balance!


Without further delay, let’s launch into Masaje Milagroso’s List of Actitvities for Autumn 2023 in Tijuana.

Event called Ruta de Maiz in Tijuana which literally translates as Route of Corn.


 Click the link to get directions: Ruta de Maiz Pumpkin Patch 2023 Tijuana.

Pumpkin Patch Farm Tijuana 2023
Pumpkin Patch Farm Tijuana Haloween Activity

This event can be for all persons but especially for those who want to get outdoors or those who spend too much time indoors. Here is a perfect event to enjoy the cooling weather that October can bring but also see something new and beautiful. What’s it about? Take a walk around a large farm on the outskirts of Tijuana at Tijuana’s largest pumpkin farm. Not only do you get outdoors, but you can get pumpkins for halloween and for the last activity on this list.

Hike or Beach Walk in Playas de Tijuana.





Click the link to get directions: Start the hike at Playas de Tijuana Malacon.

Beaches in Tijuana
Playas de Tijuana with Downtown San Diego in Background

This is a hike for beginners and more like a casual walk down the coast from the Northern Tip of Baja California. It starts at the Malacon where the border wall submerges into the Pacific Ocean and ends about 4-5km at the south end of the Tijuana’s Beaches. Depending on the water level the whole walk can be done on the coastal sand.

Also stairs are scattered through out the walk to bring you above sea level to the street in case you need stop for food or drinks! It’s a relaxing way to soak up some Vitamin D. Also, obtain the mystical benefits from the ocean breeze and salt in the air. If you do the whole walk, you’ll be feeling great at the end, give it a shot!  Knock two items off your list and stop by our Massage Spa in Playas de Tijuana. The spa is only 2 Blocks away from the coast and you can walk through the large park!

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Beaches in Tijuana
Woman Massage Tijuana

Massages are one of the easiest ways to restore balance to your life and promote healthy living and clearly thinking. A good massage can be an immediate reset to physical discomfort and negative mood and thinking. For these reasons, a Massage in Tijuana this Autumn made our list of top 5 activities in Autumn 2023.

To get the best Massage in Tijuana there is no other then Masaje Milagroso Spa with two convienent locations near Zona Rio at their spa in Plaza Conquistador by the international border crossing to San Ysidro. The other location at the Beaches of Tijuana, about 2 miles from the border wall and 2 blocks from the ocean water bordering a park named Parque Azteca in Seccion Jardines del Sol

Activate your Bodies Natural Fight or Flight Response and Adrenaline with some excitement at the Buena Vista Horror Club in Tijuana.





If you get scared easy, bring a friend or 2 or 4! Maybe more! This is a limited time Halloween that will either thrill the kids!

Beaches in Tijuana

Being out in social settings can have positive effects on mood, anxiety and stress. Also, getting scared this Halloween 2023 can have some positive health effects that are activated with the bodies flight or fight response. Improved alertness, enhanced physical Performance, Improved memory formation and an overall Boost in Mood and Energy. It’s not good to have fight or flight response frequently. However, infrequently, benefits can be obtained such as a streghtening of your senses and much more!


Cooking this Autumn is a great idea and it doesn’t mean you need to stay home either.


Source the best pumpkin spices or grab a couple pumpkins from the first activity in this article.




Beaches in Tijuana
Woman Massage Tijuana

After you’ve sourced your pumpkins begin to prepare the pumpkin for your cooking adventures. Recipes for amazing Pumpkin breads and pies can be found all over the internet. Cooking is a great activity to stay productive and spread good feelings to share with family or friends. Don’t forget that pumpkin seeds when roasted and sprinkled with some sea salt are an amazing snack during October Months!

In conclusion, as we embrace the beautiful season of Autumn in 2023, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the importance of balance in our lives. A balanced lifestyle encompasses not just our physical well-being but also our emotional, social, and mental aspects. By striving for equilibrium in our daily routines, we can unlock a world of positive experiences and personal growth.


And let’s not forget the incredible benefits of massages, which can not only provide physical comfort but also contribute to acheiving that sought-after balance in life. As we navigate the changing seasons, let Masaje Milagroso’s list of activities be your companion in embracing Autumn 2023 with open arms, making the most of every moment, and finding harmony in all aspects of your life. Here’s to a season filled with new experiences and a more balanced, enriched life ahead!

This list of activities for Autumn 2023 in Tijuana serves as an inspiring guide for those looking to break free from their regular habits and infuse variety into their lives. Whether it’s spending more time outdoors, taking a well-deserved break from work, or enjoying the company of loved ones, these activities offer opportunities for rejuvenation and self-discovery.