4 Massage Spa Services for Summer 2023 at Masaje Milagroso Spa en Tijuana.

The top 4 Massage Spa Services for Summer 2023 are available in Playas de Tijuana Spa and in Zona Rio, Tijuana Spa Masaje Milagroso. Take a look at the most desired services below!

It’s no suprise that Massage in Tijuana is the most popular Spa Service requested. There is a large variety of styles that is suitable for just about anybody and there so enjoyable to experience. Let’s give you some of the most popular styles of massage available in Tijuana this summer 2023. See the list of massage styles available in Tijuana’s Masaje Milagroso Spa near Zona Rio and Playas de Tijuana

  • Relaxing massage.
  • Swedish massage.
  • Deep tissue massage. Massage styles with a specific purpose:
  • Sports massage.
  • Lymphatic massage.
  • Reductive massage.
Massage top 4 spa services in Tijuana Verano 2023


A new service available exclusively at Spa Masaje Milagroso in Playas de Tijuana.
Playas de Tijuana Facial: Deep cleansing facial or hydration facial. You can enjoy this service on its own or add it to your massage.

Facial tijuana's top 4 massage spa services this summer 2023

Body Mask or Body Scrub

Cover your body with a mineral-rich bentonite clay mud mask, like a multivitamin for your skin. Or detoxify and cleanse your skin with activated charcoal, which can absorb all impurities from your skin and increase respiration. This ingredient is the same one used by hospitals when someone ingests something toxic, as activated charcoal absorbs toxins and can prevent serious injuries or worse. At our spa, we use food-grade activated charcoal, which is of the highest quality. Your skin is in contact with the environment day after day, and providing it with regular nourishment and cleansing improves the appearance and functionality of your body. See more details about Body Clay Masks in Tijuana


Body Clay Masks for the Body

Massage enhancers:

Cupping therapy

It is recommended to add cupping therapy to your massage for a great experience of muscle repair and increased blood circulation!


Massage Spa Cabin to Receive Cupping Therapy

 Massage, Cupping Therapy, Body Mud Masks, and Massage enhancers are the top 4 Massage Spa Services for Summer 2023:

Receive any of these aforementioned spa services at Masaje Milagroso Tijuana. We have two locations. The bigger Spa is near Zona Rio in Colonia Aviacion. The other location is a Spa in the Beaches of Tijuana or Playas de Tijuana

Masaje Milagroso – Playas de Tijuana Spa,


Parque Azteca Sur 689-int-5, Playas,
Jardines del Sol, 22505 Tijuana


Masaje Milagroso Spa – Colonia Aviación Cerca Zona Rio Spa


Blvd. Salinas 10755-int-4,
Aviación, 22014 Tijuana, B.C.