Massage Promotions and Spa Discounts in Tijuana

At Masaje Milagroso our goal is to have you feeling relaxed and balanced at all time which is why we offer Massage Promotions and Spa Discounts in Tijuana. To accomplish this, we must not only give great services but keep our services affordable and ensure the process is easy to understand. This article or post is focusing on the affordability of our services. At the same time, the goal is to ensure that we keep the process easy to understand so the savings is complimented by the simplicity of the promotion.  To make it easy to understand, we have websites in Spanish Masaje Milagroso in Tijuana:  and also our site in English Massage in Tijuana.

Massage Memberships in Tijuana

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Back to the topic of memberships. As of Summer 2023, we have a total of 3 memberships. Individual Memberships: Standard and 2×1. We also have a new Joint Memberships designed to be for two people.

General Membership

Registered with one persons name.

Price: $2000mxn

Quantity of Massage: 4 hours of Massage

No expiration date. Any style of Massage

2×1 Membership

Registered with one persons name.

Price: $2600mxn

Quantity of Massage: 4 hours of Massage

Added Benefit: Allows the individual who has the membership to participate in 2×1 days which are Sunday and Wednesday. The holder of the membership can bring someone to receive an equal length massage on those day with no additional charge. The price increase over the Standard Membership is because the 2×1 Membership gives the membership holder an “option” to participate in 2×1 promotion if he or she chooses to. If not, this membership functions like a standard membership but it just costs more.

No expiration date. Any style of Massage

Joint Memberships

Registered with two persons name.

Price: $2000mxn

Quantity of Massage: 8 hours of Massage

No expiration date. Any style of Massage

Added Benefit: This membership gives 8 hours of massage versus the standard 4 hours of the general membership

Woman benefiting from Massage Spa Membership Man benefiting from Massage Spa Membership



Membership Options all have the following benefits:

  • Freedom to receive a massage when and where you want.

      • Massage Styles and Therapy Options: Applies to all styles of massage and all therapeutic services on our massage menu. Massages are deducted from membership hours and there is a discouunt on additional services of 20%
      • Never Expires: Use in one day or throughout a year. All memberships have no expiration date.
      • No obligation to renew, no subscription fee, and there is no minimum monthly anything! Think of it as a package of massages. You buy more upfront and save big!
  • Discounts on massages and spa treatments

      • Regular price on a 1 hour massage is 40USD or 800mxn. With the Standard Membership it becomes $25.00 or $500, and with conjunto or joint membership and the 2×1, the price can even be less!
      • All Memberships will qualify the member or members for a 20% discount on our Additional Services listed on the menu.  To explain how it works: To receive the 20% on additional services the member must combine the servicec with a massage that is completely paid for by the membership. If you only have 30 minutes left of your membership, and you want 90 mins with disocunt of 20% on a hot stone massage, just buy another membership! We’d use 30 min from the old membership and 60 minutes from the new membership to cover the massage and you’ll also get the 20% discount on the hot stones therapy!
      • Also, all memberships holders can receive a 20% discount on any and all Beauty Salon Services- Hair, Nails, Skincare and also Barber Services for men. There is no limit on the amount of services or visits and the only requirement is that 1) Membership must currently be active at Masaje Milagroso 2) Membership must have been purchased within 4 months. Don’t worry, you can buy an additional membership if it’s been longer then 4 months and Masaje Milagroso will combine the hours from the old to the new so there will be no loss of hours and you’ll get the benefits. . You can schedule the service on the Beauty Salon Website in English  or the Beauty Salon Website in Spanish or call us and we can schedule for you. If you book on the site just be sure to include your name when booking and write you are a masaje milagroso member as they will verify this with us. To qualify for the 20% discount at the Chop Shop Tijuana, the member must have a minimum of 30 minutes remaining on his or her membership at the time of receiving the service. Memberships are not affected by the amount of discoutns you receive, it’s just an added benefit to becoming a member.
  • Flexibility to use 7 days a week

      • All memberships can be used on any day and at any time.
          • For full transparency and disclosure, i will note that to obtain the full beneficial value of the 2×1 membership, the member should go plan to go on Sunday and Wednesday which is the reason the 2×1 Membership was made: To allow our members to particiapte in the 2×1 Promotion. If you are planning to get massages by yourself this membership would not be right for you. It’s a membershiip that benefits people who plan to use the majority of the membership hours on Wednesday or Sunday with a second person, we explain more in the 2×1 Membership details below.

List of massages available at Masaje Milagroso Spa in Tijuana

  • Relaxing Massage

  • Swedish Massage

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Sport Massage

  • Lymphatic Massage

  • Reductive Massage

  • Thai Massage

  • Decontracting Massage

  • Trigger Point Massage

  • Reflexology


        Here is a list of Spa Therapies available at Masaje Milagroso Spa in Tijuana:

        • Cupping Therapy
        • Aroma Therapy with Essential Oils
        • Salt Exfoliation
        • Hot Stones
        • Masks for skin care or to enhance massage
        • Sauna in Zona Rio, Tijuana
        • Cold Rooms in Zona Rio, Tijuana
        • Jacuzzi in Zona Rio, Tijuana

        Ready to purchase your Tijuana Spa Membership for Massages!

        When you are ready to purchase your membership you may do so inside the spa using cash, credit, or various types of electronic transfer applications and the therapist will write your name, cell phone, and e-mail address. You will receive an electronic confirmation of purchase to your cell phone and your e-mail address. Each time you use your membership, you will receive an updated confirmation on the amount of time remaining.


        Buy your massage membership online

         If your ready to buy now, let’s do it, go to the Masaje Milagroso Store for Massage Membership and or Giftcard Purchases in Tijuana. Then,  choose the 4 hour, 2×1 or Conjunto option to add to your cart. You can pay direct with Mercado Pago or use your credit or debit card and just make sure to enter the address where you receive your statement for verification purposes. You will receive digital confirmation when purchase has been made.

        Options after you purchase online:

         After the purchase you have the otpion to send the membership to a friend. Let us know where you want it sent by either calling or typing in notes upon check out. We will have a giftcard ready for you in the Playas de Tijuana Spa or Rio / Aviacion Spa in Tijuana so you can give it to the gift receiver. To avoid spending more time, have us design a customized gift card to send to the gift’ receivers e-mail or whatsapp.

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        Massage Spa Hours and Directions

        Opening Hours:
        7 days a week: Monday – Sunday, 9AM – 10PM

        Both Locations

        Masaje Milagroso Tijuana Spa Colonia Aviacion
        Blvd. Salinas 10755-int-4,
        Aviacion, 22014 Tijuana, B.C.

        Masaje Milagroso – Playas de Tijuana Spa,
        Parque Azteca Sur 689-int-5, Playas,
        Jardines del Sol, 22505 Tijuana, B.C