Reductive Massage at Spa Milagroso in Tjuana

Gentle and relaxing massage with a relaxing technique. Designed to neutralize stress. The simplest message.

Reductive Massage


 A reductive massage is a type of therapeutic massage that is performed with high intensity and pressure. The pace is fast to agitate clusters of fat and can be a less relaxing experience wehn compared to other types of relaxing massages.

The use of these procedures creates heat by friction in high concentrations of fat zones beneath the skin and in combination with special hand movements that help the body to dissolve fat naturally the end result is the body metabolizing stored fat. Reductive massage seeks to eliminate localized fat accumulation and increase circulation and simultaneously draw a more accurate figure, in obtaining a much more aesthetic figure.

This treatment is ideal for getting rid of unwanted localized fat and at the same time stimulating the fat burning process of the body by, increasing  blood flow and activating the metabolism to work at a quicker rate to help process certain fats instead of storing it. The ultimate result is the person can hold steady and or increase calorie intake and the body will become more efficient in processing the nutrients ultimately leading to less fat storage on the body.