Lymphatic Drainage Massage Tijuana

Lympahtic Drainage Massage is characterized by gentle and relaxing massage strokes applied in a manner to activate your bodies natural lymphatic system.

Lymphatic Massage at Spa in Tijuana

Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Spa near Zona Rio, Tijuana or Playas de Tijauna

This natural massage activates the bodies lymphatic nodes which can assist in recovery from surgical operations and other ailments. Lymphatic Massages can increase the rate of recovery or to say another way, decrease the recovery time. This massage provides this benefit by activating the lyphatic system and reducing lymphatic fluids that cause swelling. The reduction of fluid, decreases swelling and in return decreases the time it takes to recover.


Is Lymphatic massage right for you?

If your doctor reccomended a Lymphatic Massage, it is probably the massage to get!

If your experiencing swelling in your body, this style of massage might help you decrease it!

 Lymphatic Massage is commonly used as post operative care reccomended by your doctor. It can help decrease pain caused by swelling and increase your rate of recovery.

How does Lymphatic Massage help me?

Tissues retain fluid left behind after your cardiovascular system sends blood to your tissues and organs.

The remaining fluid is called lymph. Normally, your lymphatic system collects your lymph and returns it to your heart via a network of lymph vessels and lymph nodes. When something disrupts your lymphatic system’s process like certain surgeries or illnesses, lymph fluid can collects in your arms and legs commonly called swelling. A lymphatic massage through gentle strokes can activate your lymph nodes to promote normal lymphatic activity by moving the fluid. This moving of fluid, in turn, reduces swelling which is improtant for those who are recovering from surgery and want a quicker recovery time with less scarring.

A massage therapist uses lymphatic drainage massage techniques to move lymph from your tissues to your lymph nodes, which eases the swelling in your tissues.


How much does lymphatic Massage Cost?

At Masaje Milagroso Spa in Tijuana, all our massages have the same price. Price only varies by the length of time you receive. For this reason, a 1 hour lymphatic massage will cost $40USD or $800mxn. However, it is best to receive multiple lymphatic massages over a 1-3 week period so for this reason we reccomend purchasing our 4-hour or 8- hour membership Option. Although the memberships require you to spend more, the end result is that you also save more and it actually is a substantial savings! The 8 hour membership is 185USD or $3700mxn but per hour of massage it is 23.13 USD or 463mxn!