Face, Hands & Foot Massage

Hands, Face and Foot Massages stimulate and regulate all body stems to work in harmony together. For this reason, Reflexology is a great type Massage for the Feet, Hands and Face.


Massage of face, hands and feet.


Podal Reflexology and Foot Massage

Foot reflexology is the technique most used by reflexologists. Feet are some of the most sensataive parts of your body. Also, the feet provide links to activate and stimulate many other organs and glands. For this reason, foot reflexology can alleviate symptoms and discomforts of the whole body.  The first step is always to note points of correspondence between the different parts of the body and their respective area of the foot, face and hands.  After this, the manual process of Reflexology and Stimulation begins!


Facial reflexology and Face Massage

Facial reflexology can benefit you well beyond your face.  The points of correspondance in the face have links throughout your whole body. For this reason, many facial points point to the relief of musculoskeletal pain,  proper regulation of organic functions, treatment of paralysis, emotional imbalances and activation of blood microcirculation. Facial Reflexology will  revitalize your energy, reduce your stress, and eliminate toxins from your body and glands.


Reflexology of hands and Hand Massage

The Hand Massage begins right after the notation of the activation points.  The massage is characterized by circular pressures of the thumbs. The benefits are numerous. As a result, Organ and Gland functionality will increase.  Then the projection of reflex zones are noted.  The principals of reflexology explain the benefits you can obtain for each targeted area.


 Reflexology benefits and Benefits of Foot, Hand and Face Massages


  • Experience electrical stimulation through your central nervous system. The central nervous system abbreviated CNS is linked to your whole body. Improving this can improve everything
  • Increase your glandular secretion
  • Direct action on the organs by the reflex zones.
  • Decrease your insomnia.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • General relaxation.

A Pedicure is a Different Service then Relflexology and Facial, Hand, and Foot Massages.

Pedicures are more focused on nail and skin health of the foot and can include a short foot massage. For the best pedicure experience in a Tijuana Spa our reccomendation is to go to a Beauty Salon near Colonia Cacho called Chop Shop Beauty Salon. This Beauty Salon in Tijuana is large and has a Nail Salon area inside with a very accomodating area for pedicures in Tijuana with built in sinks and comfortable chairs. This Nail Salon is fully staffed with nail and skin professionals who are ready to give your feet a pedicure which includes a short massage and foot exfoliation. Nail Salon Appointments in Tijuana.



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